Why more Australians are choosing telehealth

Why more Australians are choosing telehealth

Why more Australians are choosing telehealth psychology to improve their mental health.

More Australians seeking mental health support are now choosing telehealth psychology, thanks to the expansion of online support and broader access to virtual care in recent years.

Telehealth psychology is psychological counselling that you access online or over the phone – safely connecting patients with their mental health clinician online. Telehealth offers access to health care where and wherever you might need it, using either a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It should not come as a surprise that this trend is growing, given not only our expanding use of technology in our everyday lives, but the growing awareness of mental health issues, and benefits of mental health care.

Let’s explore some reasons for the rising popularity of online mental health support and what makes it such a desirable option for many Australians, including adults, young people and children.

Convenience and flexibility

The convenience and flexibility of telehealth psychology are two of the biggest benefits. Australians seeking mental health support can receive health care without having to leave their homes or workplace, thanks to online psychological counselling. For those who have demanding schedules, limited mobility, or people who live in rural or remote areas where access to mental health services may be limited, this is especially helpful.


Another benefit of telehealth psychology is that it makes mental health services more accessible to people who may have had difficulty accessing in-person appointments in the past. This might apply to people who are elderly, live with disabilities, or live in remote areas. Patients can receive high-quality care via telehealth appointments without having to travel, which can be a significant barrier for many Australians.

Telehealth eliminates the time, cost, and inconvenience of travelling to and from appointments. Some providers including I relate. Health, can offer a bulk bill telehealth option for those who are struggling financially.

Improved outcomes

In most cases, telehealth psychology is just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy. Telehealth psychology provides a high standard of care. Research consistently shows that for most mental health problems telehealth is as effective as face-to-face psychological counselling. Similarly, people’s overall satisfaction with telehealth is comparable to face-to-face appointments.   

This may be due to the convenience and adaptability of over the phone, and online counselling services, which can aid in lowering obstacles to access care and increasing patient engagement.

Access to specialists

Telehealth psychology expands your access to mental health professionals who might not be  available in your area. Telehealth psychology offers people more options to access specialist mental health care they need. No longer are people restricted to the mental health services that exist in their local area. With telehealth people can access a professional service, from wherever they are, at a time that works for them.

No matter where they are, patients can receive treatment from mental health professionals who are skilled in treating their particular issue/s of concern or presentation thanks to virtual therapy over video link or just over the phone.

Access to care after hours

Another benefit of online psychology is having access to mental health care outside of regular business hours. Many people may find that they are not able to attend therapy due to work or family commitments. Telehealth psychology makes care more accessible for those with busy schedules. Patients can book their appointments on the weekends or after business hours, which makes it easier to prioritise their mental health and get the support they need, when they need it.

Australians looking for mental health support are increasingly choosing telehealth psychology as the right option for them. It is simple to understand why so many people are choosing this option given its comfort and adaptability, increased accessibility, effectiveness, and access to specialists and out-of-hours care. Telehealth psychology may be a great option for you if you’re looking for assistance with a particular mental health problem or simply want to enhance your general wellbeing.

At I relate. Health, we provide accessible, affordable, and effective telehealth psychological counselling for people seeking to improve their mental health or relationships. Take a look at our services to see how we can support you.

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