Margot Gook

Registered Psychologist
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Margot, (preferred pronoun She/Her) is a Medicare Accredited Registered Psychologist with over 23 years experience.

During this time Margot has developed a passion for supporting health workers and has worked as a staff psychologist at major hospitals in Sydney. Margot has worked in management, as a Workforce Behaviour Specialist, a Senior Consultant Psychologist in the Health Department, and has worked in child, adult, and family counselling in community health.

Margot is a highly experienced trauma therapist working with all ages and is now focused on working with clients aged 18 years and over. Margot enjoys working with adults experiencing a range of issues including workplace issues, conflict in the workplace, anxiety and depression.

Margot is skilled in a number of therapeutic approaches including, acceptance commitment therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy. Additionally, Margot is up to date on the latest approaches for trauma based therapies and assistance with holistic approaches for a person experiencing trauma.

Margot is a warm and caring person with a good sense of humor and has a passion for assisting clients to explore their ideas and needs and to assist them in journeying in the direction they want to go.

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works with:
Older Adult (65+)

Lives on the traditional lands of the:


Academic credentials & registrations:

Registered Psychologist

Medicare Accredited

23+ years experience


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Clinical Psychologist | Psychologist | Social Worker | Occupational Therapist | Relationship Counsellor

Areas of Expertise:

Adjusting to changeAnxiety and PhobiasBurnout – mental, physical, and emotional exhaustionCareer or workplace stressDepressionGrief and lossHealth and wellnessLonelinessObsessive compulsive disorderPost-traumatic stress disorderRespectful relationshipsSelf-esteemSocial skillsStressTrauma related symptoms

Therapeutic Approaches:

Acceptance and commitment therapyCognitive behavioural therapyNarrative therapyPerson centred therapySolution focussed brief therapy

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Crawford James

Crawford's areas of expertise encompass a wide range of interpersonal issues, including couple therapy, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, workplace stressors, and domestic violence. She also specialises in addressing ante and postnatal depression.

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Tania Oliver
Mental Health Social Worker

Tania Oliver has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of mental health social work. With a background in dance, fitness, business, and sport, Tania brings a unique perspective to her therapeutic approach, tailored to the specific needs of her clients.



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Dr Aaron Simpson
Clinical Psychologist

Aaron, (preferred pronouns – he/him), is a Clinical Psychologist and works with adults and young people (+16) with a range of mental health presentations. Aaron is dedicated to working alongside people to achieve their mental health and wellbeing goals.

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