Daniel Istanbouli

Mental Health Social Worker
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Daniel brings a wealth of expertise to his practice. Specialising in aiding clients with stress, anxiety, addictions, relationship challenges, trauma and abuse and emphasising respect, sensitivity, and compassion. Daniel believes in holistic treatment approaches.

His focus lies in cognition, interpersonal awareness, emotional processing, and leveraging strengths to foster healthy life choices. With a background spanning government and non-government services, he offers clinical and psychological interventions, with mindfulness as a cornerstone.

Daniel's extensive experience includes areas such as addictions, adolescence, trauma-informed care, family dynamics, mental health, disabilities, men's behaviour, and domestic violence. He employs evidence-based methods like cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma-informed care, and strength-based therapy, tailoring each approach to individual needs. A key aspect of Daniel's intervention involves mindfulness, “the element of being aware of oneself”.

Beyond professional endeavours, Daniel enjoys recreational sports, travel, music, meditation, and family life.

Daniel commends clients for taking the brave step toward therapy and are committed to supporting them on their journey to healing.

All services are $60 out of pocket with a mental health treatment plan

I am here, walking along side you on your healing journey, one step at a time

Daniel Istanbouli

Daniel works with:
Older Adult (65+)
Young Person (13-17)
Child (8-12)
Couples / Relationship Counselling
Daniel speaks:

Lives on the traditional lands of the:

Wangal people

Academic credentials & registrations:

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Master of Social Work

B. Counselling

14 years' experience

Daniel is Medicare accredited



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Clinical Psychologist | Psychologist | Social Worker | Occupational Therapist | Relationship Counsellor

Areas of Expertise:

Adjusting to changeand conduct disordersand emotional exhaustionAnger managementAnxiety and PhobiasAttachment issues (emotional attachment with others)Behavioural disorderBipolar disorderBorderline personality disorderBurnout – mentalCareer or workplace stressChronic disease or cancerCouples / family / relationship counsellingDepressionDevelopmental disordersDisabilityDissociative disordersDomestic violenceDrugs and/or alcohol useEating disordersGamblingGrief and lossimpulse controlLonelinessNeurodiversity (including ADD/ADHD and ASD)Obsessive compulsive disorderOppositionalParentingPerinatal or postnatal mental healthPersonality disordersphysicalPost-traumatic stress disorderRespectful relationshipsSchizophreniaSelf-development and coachingSelf-esteemSexual difficultiesSleep difficulties / sleep disordersSocial skillsSuicidalityTrauma related symptoms

Therapeutic Approaches:

Acceptance and commitment therapyAttachment based therapyCognitive behavioural therapyCognitive processing therapyCompassion focussed therapyCouplesDialectical behaviour therapyEmotionally focused therapyfamily and relationship therapyFamily systems therapyGestalt therapyGottman method couple's therapyMindfulness based cognitive therapyMindfulness based stress reduction therapyMindfulness based therapyMotivational interviewingNarrative therapyPerson centred therapySchema focussed therapySolution focussed brief therapy

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Crawford James

Crawford's areas of expertise encompass a wide range of interpersonal issues, including couple therapy, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, workplace stressors, and domestic violence. She also specialises in addressing ante and postnatal depression.

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Tania Oliver
Mental Health Social Worker

Tania Oliver has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of mental health social work. With a background in dance, fitness, business, and sport, Tania brings a unique perspective to her therapeutic approach, tailored to the specific needs of her clients.



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Dr Aaron Simpson
Clinical Psychologist

Aaron, (preferred pronouns – he/him), is a Clinical Psychologist and works with adults and young people (+16) with a range of mental health presentations. Aaron is dedicated to working alongside people to achieve their mental health and wellbeing goals.

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